Adax WI-FI smart plug

With the smart WiFi plug ADAX WT2 Plug you can control various electrical appliances from anywhere in the world by using the ADAX WiFi application. The built-in wireless thermostat WT+BLE (WT2) provides the ability to heat rooms, reduce room temperature at night and day, or turn on and off electrical appliances. And if your plans will change, you can easily change the current heater settings or turn on/off devices with your smart phone or tablet by using the mobile app (application), regardless your location. Also it is with Bluetooth for easier pairing..

The smart plug will upgrade your old heater and it will be controlled using the most advanced technology. The integrated sensor will read the temperature in the room and the thermostat will maintain a preset temperature in the room.

If you choose to control electrical devices coffee machine, TV and etc., you will be able to be turn on and off them remotely, which will increase home security.

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