Drowning is the second most common cause of infant accidental death in 
Mediterranean Countries.
Neater Pool Guardian swimming
pool safety fences 
give parents
peace of mind knowing that 
their children are protected
from this danger. 
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Adax Convector Heaters

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Adax Convector heaters are available in a range of length's and wattages.
The compact panel heaters and skirting heaters
combine advance technology with functional design.
This makes Adax products well-suited to the home or commercial offices.

(For towel radiators, please see VIgo)

Out of stock items will need pre ordering and a deposit may be required. Please note, at times there may be a delay in the receipt of orders from Norway especially during the summer months. (please email for more information on delivery time if the product is out of stock)

For more information on sizes and output, please click the "view product" button

All Prices include Iva and a free delivery service to Spain, France & Portugal on all orders over £100. Orders under €100 will be subject to a €10 postage charge.
For delivery costs to other countries please email for a quotation

fitting is not included or possible when ordering online.

Purchases in Gibraltar will need collecting from the MRW office in Línea De La Concepción, Cadiz and may be subject to import duties, payable by the purchaser.

Please note that some household sockets in Spain and Portugal are not earthed. please check before using or ask a qualified electrician.

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the electrical supply within the property is sufficient to support the products supplied by Neater Heater.

All of our heaters must be fitted in a horizontal position with the vents at the top.
For maximum efficiency all heaters should be fitted with the bottom of the heater 5 cm from the floor. If these guidelines are not followed, a vast amount of efficiency will be lost.


Prices as of November 1st 2015.
Subject to change.


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Glamox TPA04
Glamox TPA04 (400W) Glamox heaters are focused on desig..
Glamox TPA06
Glamox TPA06 (600W) Glamox heaters are focused on desig..
Glamox TPA08
Glamox TPA08 (800W) Glamox heaters are focused on desig..
Glamox TPA10
Glamox TPA10 (1000W) Glamox heaters are focused on desi..
Glamox TPA12
Glamox TPA12 (1200W) Glamox heaters are focused on desi..
Glamox TPA15
Glamox TPA15 (1500W) Glamox heaters are focused on desi..
Glamox TPA20
Glamox TPA20 (2000W) Glamox heaters are focused on desi..
Glamox TLO05
Glamox TLO05 (500W) Glamox heaters are focused on desig..
Glamox TLO07
Glamox TLO07 (700W) Glamox heaters are focused on desig..
Glamox TLO10
Glamox TLO10 (1000W) Glamox heaters are focused on desi..
Glamox TLO14
Glamox TLO14 (1400W) Glamox heaters are focused on desi..
Clea CP06
Clea Glass Finish Heater CP06KDT    New f..
Clea CP08
Clea Glass Finish Heater CP08KDT    New f..
Clea CP10
Clea Glass Finish Heater CP10KDT    New f..
Clea CL06
Clea Glass Finish Heater CL06KDT   New from Adax is ..
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