Drowning is the second most common cause of infant accidental death in 
Mediterranean Countries.
Neater Pool Guardian swimming
pool safety fences 
give parents
peace of mind knowing that 
their children are protected
from this danger. 
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iJaz System

With the iJaz system you can simply program and control your panel heaters in all your rooms by the use of iJaz radio plugs RP 200. Switch on and off the lights and other electrical apparatus by the use of iJaz power switches SP 16.

iJaz is a simple and user friendly control system. There is no need for extra wires or cables of any kind. The system is entirely wireless.
The ”brain” of the system is the iJaz central control unit sending signals to the receivers RP 200 placed on the heaters.

The weekly programme allows you to easily programme day by day, hour by hour whenever you want to have full heat in your room and when you want to lower the temperature. You can also program lights to be switched on and off when you are away from your home, giving the impression that people are present.




iJaz Central Control unit

A wireless, programmable central control unit for BEHA panel heaters with radio plugs RP 200 and power switch SP 16 for general purposes. User friendly design with touch screen. Up to 16 zones for temperature regulating or any on/off functions can be programmed. Each zone can control an unlimited number of units.
A built in thermometer has an output for activating the frost alarm with a digital viewing on the screen. iJaz has a maximum range of 300 metres free sight which should be sufficient for most houses/buildings/flats or properties.
• Wireless communication with BEHA panel heaters having RP 200 fitted and with power switches SP 16
• No installation required
• User friendly design with touch display


• Can control up to 16 zones
• Innumerable number of products per zone
• Built-in transmitter and receiver
• 433 MHz, 300 m free range
• Can be controlled via GSM module (remote control)
• Built in thermometer with digital viewing
• Colour: Grey
iJaz power switch SP 16

A wireless switch gives the possibility to control lighting, coffee machine etc. A separate on/off switch and pause button overriding the programmes controlled by iJaz central unit. The options are; normal, away or pause programmes.

• Wireless switch for BEHA iJaz system
• Up to 16 Amps
• Function viewed by light diodes
• Separate off/on button
• Colour: White




iJaz radio plug RP 200

Savings plug to be fitted on BEHA panel heaters. The functions are: Normal room temperature, lower 5ºC, frost control (minimum 5ºC room temperature) and heater switched OFF are available functions by the iJaz system. The plug also has a built in “cold draft” function, making the heater switch automatically from set room temperature to frost safeguard. The function reduces consumption of electricity when the windows are opened for ventilation.


• Radio plug for BEHA iJaz system
• To be fitted on BEHA panel heaters type P and L post 2005 models
• Pause button for automatic cancelling of programme
• Functions indicated by light diodes
• 4 functions; normal, lower by 5ºC, frost safeguard and OFF
• Automatic “cold draft” function when opening windows
• Colours: White or Black


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